Lester’s Loafin’ Lounge
Tales From Short Mountain CD – $20.

Lester’s Loafin’ Lounge is a project that has been in the works for several years. As a band we wanted to make music the best way we knew how. If a tune felt like it needed a piano we'd call Pig Robbins. if it needed steel guitar, we'd call Kayton Roberts. If it needed electric guitar we'd call our brother Marty Stuart or Handsome Harry Stinson to play drums. We weren't afraid to use whatever was needed to make the song sound the best that it could. Our first CD without Lonesome Lester Armistead but his spirit can be heard in this project. Our favorite to date….

1.Lester's Loafin' Lounge
2.Fryin' Pan
3.I'm My Own Grandpa
4.Count Me Out
5.You Don't Have To Be Present To Win
6.Grey Eagle
7.Bridge Washed Out 
8.Hillbilly Logic  
9.Wood & Strings  
10.Mansion On A Hill 
11.Old Slew Foot
12.One Ole Shirt 
13.Trombone Rag 
14.Lonesome, Onry And Mean 
15.You're With Another 

Tales From Short Mountain

Tales from Short Mountain is a musical partnership between the Tennessee Mafia Jug Band and Short Mountain Distillery that was a short run sponsorship. We love the folks with Short Mountain Distillery and especially their wares. If you’re looking for a CD that has some fist pumping, bootleggin’ music, this is the one for you. A fun selection of songs and even more fun to listen too while sipping on a tasty beverage distilled from Short Mountain.

  1. Open Up Your Mouth (and Let The Moonshine In)
  2. Ballad Of Thunder Road
  3. Whiskey Before Breakfast
  4. King Of The Cannon County Hills
  5. Chug A Lug
  6. Katy Daley
  7. Slide Dem Jugs Down The Mountain
  8. Jimmy (regards to Dooley)
  9. What A Waste Of Good Corn Liquor
  10. Mountain Dew

Tales From Short Mountain CD – $18.

Screams From the Holler

A great follow-up to the Poor Leroy’s Almanack. This CD get’s started out the gate with Wabash Cannonball that does the Smoky Mountain Sound some serious justice. It’s followed by some great classics. Recorded at Brent Truitt’s studio in Nashville this is the bands best effort yet. With bassist, Ernie Sykes singing on Frankie & Johnnie as well Kansas City Star is a fine addition to the Jug Band sound. Also joining the band in dobroist, banjoist, entertainer extraordinaire, Mike Webb, playing some great music with the classic country sound as only he can do it. Track listing: Wabash Cannonball, Lula Wall, Frankie & Johnnie, Big Daddy (Is Alabamy Bound), Hell Amongst The Yearlings, Down In Union County, Kansas City Star, Mississippi Sawyer, Sunshine Special, My Gal Is Highborn Lady, Bed Of Rose’s, I’m Alone Again, Sick, Sober & Sorry, Country Boy. CD - $17

Poor Leroy's Almanack

It’s obvious right away that the members of this band were big fans of the late Roy Acuff and his sidekick “Bashful Brother Oswald”, and they have a heap of fun on this album that mixes some serious songs (like GATHERING FLOWERS FROM THE HILLSIDE, JUST A FRIEND and PLEASE COME BACK LITTLE PAL) with some more raucous offerings like LITTLE BUT LOUD, WHOA MULE, RABBIT IN THE LOG, BICYCLE WRECK and NERO PLAYED HIS FIDDLE. Responsible for all of this is Lester and Mike Armistead, Dan Kelly and Leroy Troy (who does most of the lead singing). A fun album that’s nicely packaged. Poor Leroy’s Almanack CD – $15

Barnyard Frolic

Barnyard Frolic – The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band Everywhere you go, people are just plain starved for old-fashioned entertainment. On this recording you’ll hear lots of friends joining in, sharing the exuberance of a Tennessee Mafia Jug Band performance, just like they do at Lester’s store. CD – $14.

Jug Band Shirt

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While out looking for guitars in my wheeling and dealing days, I came across a early 1950’s D-28 guitar that had the original strap with it. The strap was leather and was attached from the end pin to the headstock of the guitar. What I found out about this guitar was that when I played it, it felt like it was just floating in front of me. I’d never performed with a guitar with this type of strap before. All of my musical heroes, like Lester Flatt, Johnny Cash and Merle Travis all had the same type strap. No one else was using them anymore. I had a local friend who works with leather to replicate the strap for me. When I started performing with this strap on, other performers made note of it and asked if I could get them one just like it. Before long I kept having people ask about the strap and if they could get one. Some of the people that perform with them are Terry Eldredge with the Grascals, and Jere Cherryholmes of Cherryholmes. Get your strap today and you’ll be glad that you did. Guitar Strap – $40.

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